A written will takes into account all of your personal, business and financial circumstances . It will benefit those your loved ones and reduces the administrative burden and potential for conflicts along with arguments after your unfortunate death.

A well written will provides you with peace of mind, knowing that:

  • the gains from a lifetime’s hard work and sweat will go to those you care about the most
  • your wishes are clearly stated and will be carried out exactly as you request
  • the administration of your estate after your death will not cause additional stress or costs to your family and loved ones.

A will is also the foundation of intelligent estate planning to reduce any potential inheritance tax and to maximise the legacy you leave for your family and loved ones.

Why use us to make your will?

The advantage of getting Discount Mortgages to draft your will over using a ‘standard template’ or online will is that you are guaranteed from us:

  • A tailor-made will that takes account all of your family and your financial circumstances
  • A legally valid document written clearly
  • We are backed by partners with over 2o plus years experience

If your situation requires it, we will also advise you to ensure that your will is:
We will all come to your home at a time that is convenient to yourself.

What happens if I die without making a valid will?

If you die intestate (without a will) then the court will appoint an executor following your death. The executor will divide your estate regardless of size according to the rules of intestacy. These specific rules set out who inherits what depending on their relationship with yourself.

According to these rules your spouse or civil partner may not automatically receive all of your inheritance, but only a fraction of it. There is also no provision in these rules for unmarried partners.

By dieing in intestate means it takes longer for your financial affairs to be concluded, and incurs it additional charges. These costs will be deducted from your estate before it is divided amongst your beneficiaries.