At some point we will all die. An effective Funeral Plan enables you to make a decision now regarding the arrangements you wish to be carried out, pay for them at today’s prices and relax in the sure knowledge that everything will be conducted exactly as planned by the local independent Funeral Directors.

You can be 100 percent confident that your last wishes will be executed with care, attention and sensitive consideration thus saving your family any uncertainty about your wishes and the worry of a financial burden at a time of stress. This will bring of mind both to you and to your relatives.

All payments into the plan are placed in the hands of an independent trustee company. You can be sure that your investment remains secure.

You may be aware of many pre-paid Funeral Plans available. We would advise you to ask exactly who you are dealing with (i.e. who owns the funeral plan) so that you fully understand what payments are made toward funeral expenses and who controls the trust fund.