Discount Mortgages offer a range of commercial building & contents insurance inc, Office cover, Property, Public and Trade liability, Commercial Vehicle, also protection policies.

Office cover, in addition to contents and tenants improvements this can also include public and Employers liability, Discount Mortgages can offer bespoke policies, tailored to your businesses individual needs.

Professional or Trade Liability, includes public and employers liability for professional and manual trades and can be tailored to meet your individual needs, including flexible features to allow for changes in staff numbers or business levels.

Key Person Protection, which covers the business against the loss of a key senior member of staff arising from death, critical illness or disability. How would your business cope if a key member of staff left or was unable to work? Sales could be lost, contracts delayed and time and money spent recruiting a replacement and in training. Key person cover cant replace that person, but it can provide cash at that critical time to replace lost profits and cash flow.

Key Person Loan Protection, If your business has taken a loan the ability to service that loan could be jeopardised by the loss of one of the key members of the management team. The loan might be personally guaranteed, or maybe a director has lent money to the company that he, or his estate, would need to be repaid ahead of plan. Key person Loan Protection can provide this cover against death or critical illness.

Shareholder Protection can provide a solution to support a business so that, in the event of death, critical illness or disability of a shareholder the remaining shareholders can purchase that persons shares within the business, enabling the business to continue with the least interruption and providing an exit solution to that shareholder, or their dependents.

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