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Buy to Let mortgages has had a boost recently as Kensington Mortgages has re launched its buy to let range after pulling them for over a year now. This is fantastic news for landlords and investors. It shows confidence in the market is returning. We have also notices lenders have reduced their rates again. The only thing which really needs to be worked on the the SVR which is still fairly high at 5 percent for most lenders while the base rate is at an all time low. The key for looking at a suitable buy to let mortgage product is not just the low initial rate but fees and the final SVR or you will find yourself changing lenders on a regular basis and adding fees to your loan each time you remortgage.

Discount Mortgages believe that the market can only get better. I think due to the shortage of properties and more people coming to the UK from Europe due to their own economies not doing well will put pressure on rental demand and increase rents accordingly. This is good news for landlords but the UK needs to build more houses so consumers have more choice and stable the rental market before prices get out of control for rent. The government needs to encourage much more house building and encourage lenders to offer better rates on new build properties and even tax breaks.

Some real creative thinking is required here. We are finding more people are looking at property as a long term investment as history has shown it offers a very good return. If you wish to get on the property ladder or looking to purchase additional investment properties to add to your portfolio then get in touch with Discount Mortgages now by completing the online enquiry form.