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Discount Mortgages, an expert mortgage brokers based in London, provide services to all clients, regardless of credit history, including a buy to let mortgage calculator service. We also offer secured loans, landlord insurance, life insurance, bridging finance and general home insurance to clients all over the UK. Finding the right mortgage broker is vital as lenders do not have the time or knowledge to shop around for the deals, including best buy to let mortgage deals, as there are over 100 lenders offering thousands of products. Our fully qualified mortgage brokers based in London, UK, will search the whole market and will ensure you get the deal that matches your individual circumstances. We will need to carry out a credit check before we can obtain an agreement in principle for all mortgages. For our specialist buy to let mortgages click here

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Discount Mortgages are an expert mortgage broker in Enfield, Middlesex, who also provide a range of insurance products.

Discount Mortgages Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The guidance or advice contained within this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore primarily targeted to customers in the UK. Registered in England and Wales No. 05781378. Registered Address: 525E Hertford Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 5UA

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How does Inheritance Advance work?

When you borrow against your inheritance, you can get an advance of up to 60% of the money that is due to come to you from the estate. There is no need for you to make any repayments, as these will be made directly from the estate, including the rolled -up fees and interest.

What can inheritance funding be used for?

If you’re waiting for inheritance to come through, it can sometimes be a long, drawn-out process. On average it takes a year to gain access, and in some situations that may be too long to wait – especially if you need to deal with pressing financial concerns. An advance gives you the option to receive some of your inheritance early, and the funds can be used to help with all manner of things, such as:
• Paying off your mortgage
• Clearing your debts
• Financing home improvement projects
• Going on holiday
• Purchasing a new car
• Putting down a deposit on a new home
• Covering medical, veterinary or education costs

Inheritance Advance key benefits

• No risk
• No credit checks
• No monthly repayments
• No requirement for a Will
• No personal liability
• No charge over property
• Available pre Grant of Probate

How does an IHT loan work?

When you apply for an IHT loan, we will arrange for a lender to pay HMRC the inheritance tax (IHT) owed. Once the IHT has been paid, an application can be made for Grant of Probate. Following the Probate process, the assets of the estate will be made accessible for disposal, allowing the IHT loan to be paid back from these funds. As the estate will refund the money for the IHT bridging loan, there will be no monthly repayments and no financial risk to you.

IHT Loan key benefits

• No risk
• No credit checks
• No monthly repayments
• No requirement for a Will
• No personal liability
• No charge over property

What can inheritance tax loan be used for?

If you need help settling an IHT bill, it can be expensive and time consuming to arrange the funding. Until you have settled the IHT, you can’t obtain the Grant of Probate and the estate cannot progress through to distribution. This creates “locked” estates which cannot move forward until the IHT has been settled.

An Inheritance Tax Loan can be used to ensure your estate does not become locked by enabling you to settle the IHT bill quickly and easily. This ensures that you avoid any delay or penalty charges from the HMRC.

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Two months on from the election and it is very clear that this government is Conservative only in its composition.

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